Danish-Polish Environmental Co-operation 1991-2000

Enclosure 3
List of projects carried out 1991 - 2000

Ref. no. Project Title DANCEE
Grant DKK
Danish Partner
124/000-0019 Cleaner Technology Project in a Slaugtherhouse in Ostrow 917,150 Slagteriernes Forsknings
124/031-0001 Minimization of Environmental Impact of the Wielowies Klasztorna Reservoir
2,849,408 Ecological 
Modelling Centre
124/031-0002 Dedusting , Zeran Power Plant
5,584,000 Skandinavisk Miljø Service
124/031-0003 Detailed Design and Supervision of the Completion of the WWTP in Pultusk
3,774,509 Rambøll, Hannemann
&  Højlund A/S
124/031-0004 Introduction of Multiple-use Principles into Forest Management
5,000,000 Danagro
Adviser A/S
124/031-0005 Wastewater Treatment Plant in Jelenia Góra
8,375,000 Carl Bro Miljø
124/031-0006 Polish/Danish Seminar on EU-approximation in the Water Sector
308,736 Vandkvalitets-
124/031-0007 Kolobrzeg Water Supply, Bugocino Waterworks, Design and Construction
3,313,671 Krüger
Consult A/S
124/031-0008 Wastewater Treatment Plant in Naklo nad Notecia
4,971,500 CowiConsult A/S
124/031-0009 Management of Groundwater for Strzelce Opolski Wastewater Treatment Plant
5,170,566 Krüger International Consult A/S
124/031-0010 Cleaner Technology in Polish Breweries
3,023,500 Danbrew Ltd. A/S
124/031-0011 WWTP in Konstantynow Lodzki - Feasibility Study
949,981 Monberg & Thorsen A/S
124/031-0015 Geothermal and EnvironmentalProject, Podhale, Poland
7,165,000 Houe & Olsen A/S
124/031-0016 Extended Counter CurrentOperation in Continuous Processes
585,275 Instituttet for Produktudvikling
124/031-0018 The Polish Foundry "Zremb" as Cleaner Technology Company
1,001,381 Dansk Teknologisk Institut
124/031-0019 Putting a Waste Company into Operation in the South-Western Part of Warsaw
2,096,711 Rambøll, Hannemann & Højlund A/S
124/031-0020 Sanitary Landfill Project, Moszna
1,050,804 Rambøll A/S
124/031-0021 Transfer of Danish Know-How within: Low Technology Wastewater Treatment to Poland
1,843,909 The Management Institute
124/031-0022 Polish-Danish Environmental Center in Starbienino
5,063,483 SFOFs Økologiske Klub
124/031-0023 Integrated Programme of Hazardous Waste Management in the South Region
3,288,490 Chemcontrol A/S
124/031-0024 Wigry National Park, Improved Environmental Monitoring Programme
2,706,788 Rambøll
124/031-0025 Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Water Streams etc. in the  County of Bydgoszcz
4,041,000 P. HaubergJensen
124/031-0026 Extension of the Existing WWTP in the town of Slupsk
5,081,000 NIRAS, Abrahamsen & Nielsen A/S
124/031-0027 Wastewater Treatment in Plock- Feasibility Study 1,902,000 NIRAS A/S Rådgivende  ingeniører og planlæggere
124/031-0028 Solid Waste Mapping and Waste Planning Management in Kielce
1,583,000 Abrahamsen & Nielsen A/S
124/031-0029 Investigation of Diffuse Sources of Contamination
5,035,400 VKI
124/031-0030 Implementation of Environmental Management Systems based on ISO 14001 Standard and EMAS in Poland
1,688,000 Vandkvalitets-
124/031-0032 Afforestation on Marginal Land
2,631,800 Hedeselskabet
124/031-0033 Narew River Basin WWTP Project, Phase II
5,181,000 Abrahamsen & Nielsen A/S
124/031-0034 Wastewater Treatment and Energy Supply - Salixbased Rootzone Plant and Energy Forest for Wood Chip Production
300,000 PMU
124/031-0035 Integrated Control of Lymantria monacha in Polish Forests
7,153,097 Novo Nordisk
124/031-0036 Reduction of Surface Water Pollution etc. in the Bydgoszcz Torun area in Poland
6,004,300 P. HaubergJensen
124/031-0039 Clean/Low Waste Technologies  in Meat Industry, Gdnyia, Poland, Phase II
645,469 Matcon A/S
124/031-0040 Supply for ICA/STAR System to Poznan Central Wastewater Treatment Plant
12,064,000 Krüger A/S
124/031-0041 Desulphurization Unit, Polaniec
15,000,000 FLSMiljø
124/031-0043 Lomza Wastewater Treatment Plant
5,500,000 Abrahamsen & Nielsen
124/031-0044 EU-Approximation
- IPPC - Poland
1,611,956 Kommunernes Landsforening
124/031-0045 Kujawy WWTP, Cracow
7,028,000 Krüger Consult A/S
124/031-0046 Wastewater Treatment Plant in Zielona Gora
1,611,956 Carl Bro as
124/031-0047 Hot Spot Remediation in theWistula Lagoon, Polish and Kaliningrad Part
2,378,420 Vandkvalitets-
123/031-0048 Completion of a WWTP In Kruszwica in Poland
1,601,400 Birch & Krogboe A/S
124/031-0049 Reduction of the Pollution from the Polish Fishing Industry in the Baltic Sea Area
2,957,000 Matcon A/S
124/031-0050 Establishment of a Controlled Landfill in Poznan, Demonstration Model
1,639,044 Rambøll, Hannemann & Højlund A/S
124/031-0051 Environmental Project for a Sustainable Development of Wojewodski w Bydgoszczy
1,185,057 Carl Bro Miljø A/S
124/031-0052 New Heat Station for the County Hospital in Gdansk - Demonstration Plant
2,850,000 Leif Hansen Rådg. Ingeniører A/S
124/031-0053 Reduction of the Environmental Impact from coal Heated Block Heat Stations in Gdansk
2,134,000 Leif Hansen, Rådg. Ingeniører A/S
124/031-0054 Establishment of a Biogas Plant at the Central Laboratory of the Feed Industry, Snopkow
2,30287 Hedeselskabet
124/031-0055 Waste Solutions for the Town of Lodz
3,250,000 BioPlan ApS
124/031-0056 Transfer of Technology for the Reduction of the Water  Consumption within the Textile Industry in Poland
2,587,500 Institut for Produktudvikling
124/031-0057 Extension of the Sludge Treatment on the WWTP in Sitkowka in Kielce
6,000,000 Nellemann Nielsen & Rauschenberger
124/031-0058 Wood Chip Project. Transfer of Know-How from the Danish to the Polish State Forestry
2,353,945 Skov- og Naturstyrelsen
124/031-0059 Detailed Design and Implementation Plan for the WWTP in the Municipality of Ozorkow
1,392,399 BioPlan A/S
124/031-0060 Cleaner Technology Transfer Programme for the Polish Galvano Industry
3,612,322 Institut for Produktudvikling
124/031-0061 Environmental Rehabilitation Project in the Jelenia Gora Region in the South West of Poland, Phase 2
2,011,233 Kommunernes Landsforening
124/031-0062 Modernisation of the Polish Fish Industry
2,437,000 Matcon A/S
124/031-0063 Supply of Drinking Water in Kielce. Assessments of Prevention Measures etc.
800,000 Abrahamsen & Nielsen A/S
124/031-0064 Design of Geothermal System in the town of Pyrzyce
3,000,000 Houe & Olsen A/S
124/031-0065 Assistance to the Polish Ministry of the Environment in connection with the Environmental Investment Plan for the Baltic Sea
389,027 Vandkvalitets-
instituttet, ATV
124/031-0066 Renovation of Boilers at the Cukrownia Ropczyce's in Poland
4,000,000 Simatek A/S
124/031-0067 Establishment of a WWTP in  Szczecin Port 8,265,000 A/S Samfundsteknik
(overtaget af Carl Bro A/S) 
124/031-0068 Dzialdowo WWTP - Detailed Design and Construction
3,719,518 Krüger Consult A/S
124/031-0069 Coal heated Heat Unit "Millenum", Novy Sacz, Flue Gas Cleaning Unit etc.
797,111 Miljø Teknik International A/S
124/031-0070 Complete Mobile Incineration Unit
2,600,000 Chemcontrol A/S
124/031-0071 Mapping and Management of Hospital Waste in Kielce
500,000 Abrahamsen & Nielsen A/S
124/031-0072 Kolobrzeg WWTP - Design and Construction
5,226,000 I. Krüger Consult A/S
124/031-0073 Establishment of Training and  Information Centre for the Water Environment in Gdansk
2,460,000 Ferskvands-
124/031-0073T Training and information - additional
80,000 Ferskvandscentret
124/031-0074 Wastewater Treatment in Lublin
8,761,000 COWI A/S
124/031-0075 Desulphurisation Plant, Dolna Odra
10,550,000 Skandinavisk Mijø Service A/S
124/031-0076 Removal of Heavy Metals, Dolna Odra
9,723,000 Skandinavisk Miljøservice
124/031-0076T Removal of Heavy Metals, Dolna Odra
1,227,000 Skandinavisk Miljøservice
124/031-0077 Geothermal and Environmental Project, Podhale
6,610,950 Houe & Olsen
124/031-0078 WWTP in Gryfice, Trzebiatow and Nowogard in the Riga Region
8,333,042 Carl Bro A/S-
124/031-0079 Bagitz Airbase Environmental Site Restoration
499,205 Nellemann, Nielsen & Rauschenberger A/S
124/031-0080 Powder Varnishing Plant in Cracow
4,964,000 Dansk Teknologisk Institut
124/031-0081 Assistance in connection with the 1st Phase of a Geothermal System in Podhale
1,212,824 Houe & Olsen
124/031-0082 Supply and Running in of an AMINODAN Protein Recuperation System at KORAB in Ustka 
1,692,817 AMINODAN Export ApS
124/031-0083 WWTP in Radom
750,000 Rambøll
124/031-0086 Cotton Dyehouse Teofilów, mplementation of Cleaner Technology and Water
3,996,000 Rinse ApS
124/031-0087 MetalPlast - The Clean Foundry
5,499,882 Georg Fischer Disa A/S
124/031-0088 Savings and Replacement of Environmentally Hazardous Chemicals within the Dying Industry in Poland
2,113,715 DTI Beklædning og Textil
124/031-0090 Narew River Basin - Phase II  - Environmental Monitoring and Management System
2,136,523 VKI
124/031-0092 Feasibility Study, Water and Wind Power, Podhale
872,700 BELT Electric
124/031-0095 Water Resource Planning and Conservation in the Rega Union
2,400,000 Danish Water Systems ApS
124/031-0101 Assessment of Two Projects in Poland carried out by the Company Poul HaubergJensen
249,100 VKI
124/031-0102 Development of a Code of Good Agricultural Practice in Poland
955,894 Landbrugets Rådgivningstjeneste
124/031-0103 Amphibian Conservation in Poland 1,250,000 Amphi Consult, International Science Park
124/031-0107 EU Integration Seminar in Poland
183,796 Det Danske Europainstitut
124/031-0109 Emergency Water Supply in Wroclaw
570,123 Krüger International Consult A/S
124/031-0110 Assessment of Emergency Assistancein the   Environmental Area - Mission Poland
259,825 Krüger International Consult A/S
124/031-0111 Completion of Protein Recovery System
1,424,129 Strøm & Pedersen A/S
124/031-0116 Production and use of Wood Residues, Phase 1, Gdansk
1,558,447 Rambøll
124/031-0117 Injection Problems at Pyrzyce Geothermal Plant
739,000 Dansk Olie & Naturgas
124/031-0118 Establishing a Demonstration Wetland Reserve at Karsiborska Kepa
312,465 DOF-Birdlife Denmark
124/031-0119 Poland, Utilisation of Colliery Gas from Coal Mines
4,665,000 Viggo Folmer
124/031-0120 Cleaner Technology Transfer Programme for the Electro  Mechanical Industry
4,393,429 Institut for Produktudvikling
124/031-0122 Upgrading of Legnica Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant
4,010,541 COWI
124/031-0124 Aeration System for Janowek WWTP, Wroclaw
553,225 Krüger International  Consult A/S
124/031-0125 Sitkowka WWTP, Phase 3
4,010,000 NIRAS
124/031-0131 Water Resources Management in Strzelce Opolskie
2,600,000 Krüger International
Consult A/S
124/031-0134 Flood Management in Poland
6,323,190 Dansk Hydraulisk Institut
124/031-0137 Completion of Two Projects  concerning Surface Water in Poland
1,022,000 Sønderjyllands Amt
124/031-0138 Project Formulation. "Protection, Public Awareness, Sustainable Management and Income Generation in the Bielowieza Forest, Poland
294,106 ANKERHUS Konsulenter
124/031-0142 Flooding Emergency Assistance 1
4,188,247 Krüger International
Consult A/S
124/031-0143 Flooding Emergency Assistance 2 6,799,577 COWI Consulting Engenineers and Planners
124/031-0144 Rehabilitation and Up-grading of the Kedzierzyn-Kozle WWTP
6,910,440 Rambøll
124/031-0148 Management of Ship Waste 3,099,197 Carl Bro A/S
124/031-0149 On our Way to the European Union 2,866,075 Danmarks Forvaltnings-
124/031-0150 Huta Sendzimira, Air Pollution
6,00,000 Skandinavisk Miljø Service A/S
124/031-0151 Local Project Coordinator (LPC) 592,900 National Fund for Environmental Protection an Water Management
124/031-0152 Aarhus Convention Project - Poland
4,302,978 DARUDEC
124/031-0153 Protection, Public Awareness, Sustainable Management and Income Generation
81,574 NORDECO
124/031-0154 Sludge Treatment Plant on Opole WWTP
5,370,000 BioBalance A/S
124/031-0158 Restoration Project for the Narewka River at Bialowieza
726,494 Kampsax Consulting A/S
124/031-0161 Development of Centre for Nature and Forestry Education in Rogow
3,000,000 Danish Forestry College, Skovskolen
124/031-0165 Quality Assurance of Project ref. no. 124/031-0137
123,000 Hedeselskabet
124/031-0168 Morag WWTP 4,313,000 BioBalance A/S
124/031-0172 Business and Environment Analysis of MKØ/IØ/IFØ and Nefco Projects 500,000 Investeringsfonden for Central og Østeuropa
124/031-0173 Upgrading of the Sludge Treatment in Radom
3,430,750 Rambøll
124/031-0177 Country Publication Poland,Cost-Effectiveness Indicators and a Toolkit for Water Tariff Systems 
358,549 Krüger A/S
124/031-0178 Project Identification Mission, Municipality of Raciborz
162,588 Rambøll
124/031-0179 Short-term Legal Review, Polish EPA 65,400 Plesner & Grønborg, Advokatfirma
124/031-0180 Tender for Supply and Installation of District Heating Pipes in Zakopane
1,292,814 Houe & Olsen
124/031-0181 Modernising and Rebuilding of Opole WWTP
994,344 NIRAS
124/031-0182 Warsaw Municipal Water and Sewerage Service Improvement Programme
1,625,000 COWI A/S
124/031-0183 Bydgoszcz Water Supply and Sewerage Service Development
1,625,000 Rambøll
124/031-0184 Energy Audit, Industry, BELMA Bydgoszcz
495,909 COWI
124/031-0185 Registration of Polluted Sites in the Malopolska Region
5,155,900 Fyns Amt, Natur-og Vandmiljø-
124/031-0186 Poland, implementation of IPPC
18,589,753 COWI A/S
124/031-0188 Bialowieza Forest/Park Project
9,100,000 COWI
124/031-0189 Modernisation of Miechów WWTP
5,890,000 Krüger International Consult A/S
124/031-0190 Waste Management and Recycling in the Podale Region
4,997,000 Aaen Rådgivende Ingeniører ApS
124/031-0194 Protection of Biala Glucholaska and Nysa Rivers
7,292,947 COWI A/S
124/031-0195 Improvement of the Ilawa WWTP
9,349,693 COWI
124/031-0197 Polish Railways, Wroclaw
6,619,135 COWI
124/031-0201 Reduction of Air Emissions from the Czestochowa Steelworks
140,000 dk-Teknik Energi og Miljø
124-031-0202 Cleaner Technology - Fishing Industry
4,111,771 NIRAS
124/031-0203 Environmental System - Phase 3
2,765,000 VKI
124/031-0204 Providing the Waste Dump in Domaszkowice with a Compacter
2,600,000 Dansk Genbrug
Import/Export ApS
124/031-0206 Supply and Installation of the Hospital Waste Incinerator, Sandomierz
4,717,884 Envikraft A/S
124/031-0208 Data model for PolishxNational Parks
1,915,182 Ringkøbing Amt
124/031-0209 Parceta River Wetland Management
5,330,490 Water Consult
124/031-0210 Fact-Finding Mission to the Slaskie Region
386,889 HAP Consultants
124/031-0211 Sewerage Construction and  Waterworks Raciborz
9,813,647 Rambøll, Miljø & Energi
124/031-0212 Fauna Passages under Selected Roads in Poland
1,766,722 Amphi consult
124/031-0213 Technical Assistance and Purchase of Equipment for Podale Geothermal Project
6,032,000 Houe & Olsen
124/031-0214 Bydgoszcz Feasibility Study,  Phase II
1,957,159 Rambøll
124/031-0215 Zarzyn WWTP - Mission 422,996 Nordic Consulting Group A/S
124/031-0218 Protection of the Vistula River and its River Basin 3,350,000 Advanced Environmental Control ApS
124/031-0225 Ex-post Examination of WWTP in Poland
1,342,438 Danish Water Services
124/031-0227 Fact-finding Mission (Waste) to the Malopolskie Region
522,078 Rambøll
124/031-0230 Municipal Waste Treatment in Municipalities in the District of Bedzin
1,162,232 Rambøll
124/031-0231 Extension of Gryfino Waste Water Treatment Plant
6,047,539 COWI
124/031-0233 Local Project Coordinator (LPC) - Startup
194,500 Agnieszka Rendemann
124/031-0235 IPPC, Poland, Desk Appraisal
40,000 Soil and Water Ltd.
124/031-0236 Mid Term Review, The Bialowieza Project
279,757 Rambøll
124/031-0237 Local Project Coordinator 970,000 National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management
127-0007 Pre-Feasibility Study for a Central WWTP "Wschod" in Gdansk
960,000 Miljøsamarbejdet i Århus
127-0008 Wastewater Treatment Plan for the Rega River
7,340,000 A/S Samfundsteknik
127-0009 Environmental Rehabilitation Project for the Jelenia Gora Region in South-West Poland
1,474,772 Kommunernes Landsforening
127-0013 Pilot Project for the Improvement of the Urban Environment in Pradnik Czerwony, Cracow
889,958 Danvisor
127-0018 WWTP in the Municipality of Gryfino
2,655,078 COWIconsult A/S
127-0020 Investigation of Water Consumption and Water Saving Measures in Urban Areas in Poland
1,200,000 COWIconsult A/S
127-0024 Filtration of Solid Fuel Boilers
2,650,000 SIMATEK A/S
127-0030 Recipient Quality Plan etc. for the Upland of the Gasawka River
1,160,000 Det Danske Hedeselskab
127-0031 Pre-feasibility Study of a Genuine Environment Master Plan for the Port of Gdansk
430,000 Birch og Krogboe A/S
127-0033 Isotope technique in EIAs in Cooperation with the Institute of Physics, Cracow
837,100 Force Instituttet
127-0039 Waste Action Programme in Szczecin
1,435,000 Birch & Krogboe A/S
127-0042 Cleaner Technology in the Polish Food Industry
229,285 DIEU
127-0045 Transfer of Wind Power Technology and Know-How from Denmark to Poland
820,752 Danish Power Consult A-S
127-0046 Proposal for Wastewater Discharge and Treatment in the Town of Zielona Gora in Poland
1,760,000 A/S Samfundsteknik
127-0047 Sewers for the WWTPs for the  Wolin Island
3,800,000 Krüger Engineering A/S
127-0049 Utilisation of Waste for the ¨ Production of Energy in the Town of Wyszkow
608,000 Bruun & Sørensen Energiteknik A/S
127-0053 Energy Plan for the Town ofSwinoujscie in the County of Stettin
371,000 Crone & Koch International A/S
127-0072 Transfer of Experience, Planning of Wastewater Systems, WWTP of Pultusk
1,364,531 Rambøll &  Hannemann A/S
127-0073 Cleaner Technology for the Industry in Cracow
2,450,000 Dansk Teknologisk Institut
127-0082 Dzialdowo WWTP - Outline Design
694,328 I. Krüger Consult A/S
127-0091 Masterplan for the Reduction of Air Pollution from Polish Power Plants, Phase II
1,198,000 Danish Power Consult AS
127-0104 Fluegas Cleaning Process for the Power Plant of Belchatow for the Reduction of SO2 Emission
290,641 ABB Fläkt Danmark A/S
127-0106 Course, Institutional and Legal/ Economic Aspects of Environmental Management at Municipal Level
923,156 Vandkvalitets-
127-0116 Application of Water QualityModels, Rega Pilot Study 
1,327,000 Vandkvalitets-
127-0123 Establishment of Environmental Supervision of Polluting Industries in Bytom
508,000 Birch & Krogboe
127-0124 Action Plan for Waste Management   Improvements in the Municipality of Bytom
1,214,952 Birch & Krogboe A/S
127-0125 Design of Wastewater Treatment - Port of Stettin (Stettin Port Authorities)
2,030,000 A/S Samfundsteknik
127-0126 Pre-Feasibility Study for the Establishment of a Fund for Energy Saving Measures in Poland
675,000 COWIconsult A/S
127-0129 Establishment of an Organisation for the Protection of Birds in Poland Ornitologisk Forening
358,001 Dansk
127-0146 System for Management of Hospital  Waste in Katowice
625,044 Danwaste Project A/S
127-0152 Reduction of Air Pollution and Energy Planning in Upper Silesia
2,857,850 Bruun & Sørensen Energiteknik A/S
127-0153 Plan for the Protection of Nature and the Environmental in the Municipality of Lubrza
1,845,360 Hedeselskabet
127-0156 Pre-study for Geothermal Energy in the Counties of Pyrzyce and Szczecin
252,400 Houe & Olsen A/S
127-0161 Nowogord Town Water Saving Project
599,772 Danish Water Systems
127-0170 Sustainable Development of the Municipal Infrastructure in the Town/Municipality of Buk in the County of Poznan
1,150,000 William
Hansen & Co. A/S
127-0218 State Environment Monitoring Programme, Surface Water Monitoring (Phase 1B)
2,586,500 Vandkvalitets-
127-0226 Demonstration Project Clean/Low Waste Technologies in Poland, Phase 1
1,349,985 Matcon A/S
127-0227 Wastewater Master Plan for Zywiec Brewery
116,868 Danbrew Ltd. A/S
127-0242 Feasibility Study for Main Sewer/WWTP for the Town of Sieradz
900,000 Comad International A/S
127-0243 Investigation of the Environmental Conditions in Putsk Bay - Rehabilitation and Protection Plan
139,823 WWF, Verdensnaturfonden
127-0250 Kolobrzeg Water and Wastewater System
709,000 I. Krüger Consult A/S
127-0251 Study and Renovation of WWTP in Sitkowka in Kielce
3,831,000 Abrahamsen & Nielsen A/S
127-0272 Use of Modern Heating Technologies for Solid Biofuel Boilers in Poland
711,00 Skeltek
127-0278 Management of Coal Fly Ash in the Gdansk Area
2,085,300 Birch & Krogboe A/S
127-0282 Plant for Filtration/Incineration of Wood at the Furniture Factory Glucholaska Fabryka
800,000 Dania Engineering/
AGROvent A/S
127-0287 Improvement of the Removal of Industrial Waste in Lodz
799,835 Econet A/S
127-0289 Pre-study and Test Pumping for the Utilisation of Landfill Gas in Poland
944,000 Hedeselskabet
127-0304 Feasibility Study for the Modernisation of WWTP in Lomza
2,001,950 Abrahamsen &  Nielsen A/S
127-0308 Zychlin Incineration Plant
3,229,219 Krüger A/S
127-0310 Environmental Monitoring and Management System for the River Narew Basin - 1
2,943,000 Vandkvalitets-
127-0312 On-line System for Analysis of Fly Ash during the Operation of Power Plant BEDZIN
1,401,000 M&W Asketeknik ApS
127-0319 Action Plan for the Future WWT in the Upland of the Narew River
2,703,500 Abrahamsen & Nielsen A/S
127-0321 2 Electro Filters for Coal Heated Power Plant "Dolna Odra Power Plant Complex"
5,500,000 Skandinavisk Miljø Service A/S
127-0325 Development of Cost Effective Programme and Programme for the Reduction of the Pollution within the Electricity Sector
1,579,000 Danish Power Consult A/S
127-0341 Demonstration Project - Wastewater  and Waste from Canoe Meat  Factory in Lodz
471,092 Burmeister & Wain Scandinavian Contractor A/S
127-0358 Investigation of the Geothermal Potential in Poland based on a World Bank Proposal
470,200 Houe & Olsen
127-0419 Flue Gas Cleaning Project for Kielce
378,246 Purex A/S
127-0423 Video Production concerning a Project in Bydgoszcz
50,000 Freelance Film
127-0426 Design and Establishment of a Sewer System and WWTP in Krolikowo and Gasawa
850,499 Hedeselskabet
127-0499 Michalowo - Purification Plant 1,040,000 AEC Advanced Environmental Control ApS
127-0500 Measuring Equipment for Flue asses, Ash Emisions and Flue Gas Volumes, the Dolna Odra Power Plant
3,370,000 Skandinavisk Miljø Service A/S
127-0502 Dolna Odra, Block 5 and 6 7,068,525 Burmeister & Wain Energi A/S
127-0549 Concluding Seminar on Water Saving Measures for Urban Areas in Poland
156,000 Cowi Consult A/S
127-0553 Composting of Organic Waste in Lodz
610,000 BK- Consult
127-0574 Optimisation of WWTPs along the Narew River
1,709,568 Abrahamsen & Nielsen A/S
127-0612 Environment-friendly Measures on Bydgoskie Fabryki Mebli, Bydgoszcz
458,000 Agrovent A/S
127-0656 Conference for NGO's in Warsaw concerning Climatic Problems
250,000 Climate Network Europe
127-0682 Establishment of Splinter  Heating  Plant in Brovsk
- Hedeselskabet
127-0697 Pre-Investigation Report,  Desulphurisation Units  - Dolna Odra Power Plant
1,452,150 Skandinavisk Miljø Service
129-0042 Evaluation of Waste Projects  in Kielce
145,623 Rambøll A/S
129-0043 Assistance to the Update of   "HELCOM-Joint Comprehensive Programme"
104,745 Rambøll A/S
129-0071 Rehabilitation and Up-grading of the Kedzierzyn-Kolze WWTP
149,604 Rambøll
129-0072 Mission to Flooded Areas in Poland
172,426 Krüger International Consult A/S
129-0118 Protection, Public Awareness, Sustainable Management in  the Bialowieza Forest
158,800 Water & Power Planners A/S
129-0141 Aarhus Convention, Poland, Tender Consultant
198,124 Modus Consult
129-0189 IPPC, Poland, Tender Consultant 192,609 Modus Consult