Danish-Polish Environmental Co-operation 1991-2000

Enclosure 6
List of relevant websites

The following is a list of useful Web-sites from which part of the information presented are acquired. Also the web-sites can be used for additional information on the subjects covered in the report. The addresses are in general the Home Page, since most web-sites are frequently reorganised and more detailed links would become "dead" within short time.

DANCEE - www.mst.dk/dancee 
Information about DANCEE, programmes and projects, publications, procedures for application etc. Danish/English

DEPA - www.mst.dk/ 
Homepage of the Danish Environmental Protection Agency. Information about legislation, action programmes, publications etc. Has a "international issues" site. Danish/English/Spanish

MOEE - www.mem.dk/ 
The Ministry of Environment and Energy. Profile of Denmark and of Denmark's environmental policy. Presentations of the ministry's environmental agencies and research institutes. Overview of central publications in English. Danish/English/German/French/Spanish/Arabic

Miljøbutikken - www.mem.dk/butik/ 
Miljøbutikken (The Environmental Shop) is the main information centre of the MOEE. Provides information on environment and energy and on Danish legislation and policies in these areas. Ordering of free brochures, action plans, legislation and policy papers. Possible to buy all publications issued by the Ministry. Danish/ English

EKF - www.ekf.dk 
Homepage of the Danish State Export Credit Agency (Eksport Kredit Fonden). Information about export credit and financing assistance etc. Danish/English

National Environmental Research Institute (NERI) - www.dmu.dk   Independent environmental research institute under the MOEE. Scientific information on environmental issues. Danish/English

Danish Forest and Nature Agency http://www.sns.dk  
Agency under the MOEE. Has a division for International Cooperation. Information about assistance for implementation of International Conventions on Natural Resources Management. Danish/English/German/French/Spanish

Danish Energy Agency - www.ens.dk 
Agency under the MOEE. Internationally the agency promotes exports of know-how and energy technology by Danish companies and contributes to the transfer of technology to countries in Central and Eastern Europe. Danish/ English/German

Statistics Denmark - www.dst.dk 
The central statistical office in Denmark. "Statistical Yearbook" and "Data on Denmark" available electronically. Danish/English

StatBank Denmark - www.statistikbanken.dk  
Site under Statistics Denmark containing free statistical information about e.g. environment and energy. Danish/English

Ministry of Environment http://www.mos.gov.pl/
Homepage of the Ministry. Contains legal acts, publications (e.g. Environmental Project Development Manual) presentation of sectors, news etc. Polish/English

Institute of Environmental Protection - http://ciuw.warman.net.pl/alf/ios/
Independent institute under the MOE. Scientific research and applied work (programmes etc.), education. Databases on specific subjects, virtual library containing book and environmental journals etc. Polish/English

National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management http://www.nfosigw.gov.pl/ 
Largest institution financing environmental projects in Poland. Overview over sources of funding, environmental investments, contacts for applications ect. Polish/English

Eko-Fundusz - http://www.ekofundusz.org.pl
The EcoFundusz is a foundation established by the Minister of Finance to manage the funds obtained through the conversion of a part of Polish foreign debt with the aim of supporting environmental protection. The homepage consists of a list of Polish projects in environmental protection, the EcoFundusz priorities and a describtion of the project financing conditions. Polish/English

Central Statistical Office http://www.stat.gov.pl/  
The Polish Official Statistics with news and indicators for the Polish society. Part of the Statistical Yearbook of Poland, data on the number and structure of population and Poland quarterly and annual indicators available electronically. Polish/English

Inspekcja Ochrony Srodowiska - http://www.pios.gov.pl/  
The Polish Environmental Control. Polish

UNEP/GRID-Warsaw - http://www.gridw.pl/ 
United Nations Environment Programme. The Global Ressource Information Database (GRID) in Poland collects, processes and provides information on environment in Poland and in neighbouring regions.

Centre for EU information http://www.cie.gov.pl  
The Polish Centre for EU information gives information about EU relevant for Poland. Polish

Office for EU Integration http://www.ukie.gov.pl  
The Polish Office for EU intergration and gives information about the Polish EU integration process. Polish

Board of Polish National parks http://www.mos.gov.pl/kzpn/  
The homepage gives a general introduction of the National Parks in Poland and a detailed description of each of the 23 Polish National Parks. Polish/English

INTERNATIONAL European Environment Agency - http://www.eea.eu.int/  
The EEA provides information to improve Europe's environment in a sustainable way. On the homepage there is different country information from the EU member states, news releases, speeches and different themes like e.g. air quality, climate changes and biodiversity. English

HELCOM - http://www.helcom.fi/ 
The governing body of the Convention on the Protection of the Marine Environment in the Baltic Sea Area is the Helsinki Commission, HELCOM. The homepage describes actualities, projects, conventions etc. English

GEF - www.undp.org/gef/ 
The Globale Environment Facility (GEF) is a unit of UNDP. The foundation for GEF's efforts in four focal areas and 10 operational programs. The strategy incorporates guidance from two conventions for which GEF serves as financial mechanism: the Convention on Biological Diversity and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. It also establishes operational guidance for international waters and ozone activities, the latter consistent with the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer and its amendments. English.

UNEP/GRID-Arendal - http://www.grida.no/ 
The United Nation Environment Programme. Regional environmental information including maps and graphics of the Arctic, the Nordic, the Baltic and the Central and Eastern Europe. City environment reports and state of the environment reports is available electronically. English/Poliah

The Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe http://www.rec.org/ 
REC assist in solving environmental problems in Central- and Eastern Europe. The center encourage co-operation among NGO's, governments and businesses, supports the free exchange of information and promotes public participation in environmental decision-making. The homepage describes projects, calls for tender. Gives national environmental descriptions and updated environmental news. English

PHARE - http://europa.eu.int/comm/enlargement/pas/phare.htm
PHARE is currently the main channel for the European Union's financial and technical cooperation with the countries of the Centraland Eastern Europe. The Programme focuses on preparing the candidate countries for EU membership by concentrating its support on two priorities in the adoption of the acquis communautaire: Institution building and investment support. The homepages gives detailed information. English

ISPA - http://www.inforegio.cec.eu.int/wbpro/ispa/ispa_en.htm
ISPA is one of the EU financial instruments to assist the candidate countries in their preparations for accession. The instrument is especially target towards transport and environment. The site contains the official texts relevant for ISPA and a more detailed overview of how the ISPA works. English

SAPARD - http://europa.eu.int/comm/agriculture/ external/enlarge/index_en.htm
SAPARD is the special pre-accession assistance for agriculture and rural development. The homepage contains links to official documents concerning SAPARD, general information on enlargement and questions and answers on EU and the enlargement. English/German/French

Baltic Agenda 21 - http://www.ee/baltic21/
Baltic Agenda 21 promotes sustainable development in the Baltic Sea Region - encompassing economic, social and environmental aspects. The homepage provides information about the goals, the commitments, the achievements and the people. English

EBRD - http://www.ebrd.org
The European Bank for reconstruction and development fosters the transition towards open market-oriented economies and promotes private and entrepreneurial initiative in the Central and Eastern Europe and the Commenwealth of Independent States, CIS. English/German/French/Russian

World Bank - http://www.worldbank.org
The World Bank is working in more than 100 developing economies, bringing a mix of finance and ideas to improve living standards and to eliminate the worst forms of poverty. The homepage describes the general assistance strategies and the regional initiatives. English/French/ Spanish/Portuguese/Russian/Japanese