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Economic Instruments in Environmental Protection in Denmark

Annex 1: List of Abbreviations


Automatic Break System

BI-5     Biodegradable organic substances
CFC     Chlorofluoracarbons
CHP     Combined Heat and Power
CO2     Carbon Dioxide
DEPA  Danish Environmental Protection Agency
DH     District Heating
DKK     Danish kroner. 1 EURO is about 7.5 DKK
ECE  Economic Committee for Europe
EEA     European Environment Agency
EU     European Union
excl     excluding
GDP    Gross Domestic Product
GJ    Giga-Joule
ID-card   Identification Card
IEA    International Energy Agency
incl    including
kWh     Kilo Watt hour
LPG Liquified Petroleum Gases
MDKK Million DKK
MEE     Ministry of Environment and Energy
NGO     Non Government Organisation


NOx     Nitrogen Oxides
ODS     Ozone Depleting Substances
OECD     Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
PAE   Potential Acid Equivalents
PJ     Peta-joule
SO2     Sulphur
tot-n     Nitrogen
tot-p     Phosphorous

United Nations


United States

USD     American dollar
VAT     Value Added Tax


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