Survey and health assessment of chemical substances in jewelleries



Summary and conclusion

Sammenfatning og konklusioner

1 Preface and purpose

2 Legislation in the area

3 Survey and purchase

4 Migration analysis

5 Benzidine analysis of textile necklaces

6 Health assessment of lead, cadmium, copper and nickel

7 Exposure scenarios and risk assessment

8 References

Appendix A: Extracts from the database of jewelleries

Appendix B: Note on ”Heavy metal in precious metals jewelleries”

Appendix C: DST categorization of jewelleries

Appendix D: Amount of jewelleries on the market in Denmark

Appendix E: Banned azo-dyes

Appendix F: Aromatic amines

Appendix G: The requirements of the Toys Statutory Order on maximum release of heavy metals

Appendix H: Samples where duplicate determinations varied

Appendix I: Results from screening of textile necklaces

Appendix J: Results from the migration analysis calculated in relation to areal jewellery

Appendix K: Selected jewellery parts for migration test

Appendix L: Correlation between migration and content of metal


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