Malaysian-Danish Country Programme for Cooperation in Environment and Development (2002-2006)


1. Introduction
1.1 Global Cooperation in Environment and Sustainable Development
1.2 Malaysian Objectives for the Malaysian-Danish Cooperation
1.3 Danish Objectives for the Malaysian-Danish Cooperation
1.4 Joint Objectives for the Cooperation
2. Socio-Economic and National Context
3. Environmental Management and Sustainable Development in Malaysia
3.1 Environmental Challenges and Opportunities – Regional and National
3.2 The Policy and Institutional Framework
3.3 Funding
3.4 Donor Activities
4. Malaysian-Danish Cooperation Programme
4.1 Solid Waste Management
4.2 Industrial Environmental Management - Cleaner Production
4.3 Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
4.4 Integrated Water Resource Management
4.5 Multiple-use Management of Forest Resources
4.6 Conservation of Biological Diversity
4.7 Integrated and Cross Sectorial Initiatives
4.7.1    Integration of Environment in Development and Land Use Planning
4.7.2    Environmental Education and Awareness
4.7.3    International Environmental Conventions and Agreements
4.7.4    Economic Instruments
4.7.5    Environmental Knowledge Building and Information Management
4.8 Participation of the Private Sector, Universities and NGOs
4.9 Cooperation Programme Modalities
5. Programme Management
5.1 Programme Steering Committee
5.2 Programme Management
5.3 Programme Implementation Plan
5.4 Summary of Criteria for Cooperation Projects
5.5 Evaluation and Monitoring
5.6 Indicators
5.7 Assumptions and Management of Risks
Annex 1: Programme Summary Table
Annex 2: References
Annex 3: Project Implementation Plan